Collectively, we have been learning from the Jemez Mountains for centuries. The recent changes provide nearly infinite questions. The answers will support land management decisions in the Jemez and throughout the West.


As we move forward in the project, we'll be setting up experiments and monitoring along the way. These experiments and monitoring will help us make sure our restoration efforts are effective. The tests will help us identify patterns and ultimately the processes driving the successional trajectories.

Ongoing Research
Ongoing Research

Below is an ever growing list of the ongoing research in the eastern Jemez. If you're interested in a particular study, please follow the link to the project's website of feel free to contact the researcher directly. We promise they won't bite! (tho, the thing they study might).


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If you have a burning question or great idea, please use the "Idea Box," and we'll get back to you faster than a grad student will lie about reading!


The East Jemez Landscape Futures Project is jointly funded by:
Bandelier National Monument , the Landscape Conservation Initiative, and the USGS New Mexico Landscapes Field Station